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Get Paid For Reading Emails,
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There is a way to get paid for reading emails online and although it's not as well known as some of the other consumer research opportunities, it's easy to do and provides consistent extra income if you don't mind some more clutter in your inbox.

Imagine waking up, logging on, reading paid email, clicking on some links, and getting a paycheck in 5 days. Well that's what life is like when you sign up to get paid for reading emails.

Paid emails work at little differently than paid surveys. With paid surveys you are getting paid for your opinion, but with paid email programs you get paid just for reading it.

The way it works is advertisers with compelling offers hire paid email services to pay people like you and me to read their message.

This often results in some sales for these companies, because a certain percentage of people reading these paid emails for money actually like what they read and eventually purchase.

Furthermore each email you receive contains content specific to your interests, which makes it "targeted advertising" for these companies.

All you do to get paid is read the email message then complete the offer by clicking on a confirmation link. You never have to buy any of the offers they send you in order to make money.

You can stop receiving paid emails by opting out at any time and are in no way obligated to continue reading emails.

Keep in mind that most paid email programs require that you wait approximately 10-65 seconds before clicking to confirm and move on to the next one, so they make you wait the time anyway, why not read the message, I do.

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